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Extremity Adjusting at Optimal Health Chiropractic

Man with knee painWhen you mention chiropractic care, many people automatically think of the neck or back being adjusted. Of course, we do plenty of that at Optimal Health Chiropractic. However, did you know that the body’s extremities can also be adjusted? Extremity adjusting is a chiropractic technique focused on correcting joint misalignments outside of the spine. This includes joints found in the arms, legs, hands, feet, hips, and shoulders.

What Are Some Benefits?

Extremity adjusting aims to restore these joints’ normal alignment and function, which helps to reduce pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall health. Some of the issues that extremity adjusting can successfully address are carpal tunnel syndrome, gait problems, postural imbalances, hip, shoulder pain, knee pain, tennis and golfer’s elbow.

The Role of Mechanoreceptors in Joint Health

Mechanoreceptors help us to check for muscle recruitment neurologically. Parts of the muscle that are called mechanoreceptors are found in different areas. Some are in the belly of the muscle (muscle spindles), and ones in the tendon are called Golgi tendon organs.

Dr. McKelvey uses specific tests to evaluate the function of these receptors, determining if a joint is in alignment or needs to be adjusted. This process allows him to pinpoint the precise direction and nature of the adjustment required to restore optimal joint function.

Neurological Basis of Adjustment

When a joint is misaligned, it can also impact the neural integrity of the area, affecting communication between the brain and the joint.

Sometimes a joint can stay strong, but it’s neurologically unhealthy at the muscle and tendon levels. That means the neural integrity of the joint has been affected and the only way to make a correction is through adjusting. Then because of the changes made by adjusting the joint positioning, the neural integrity is normalized. And now proper communication is re-established from the brain to the joint itself and from the joint back to the brain. As a result the joint can then function normally again.

The Adjustment Process: What to Expect

Before providing care, Dr. McKelvey first conducts a thorough pre-adjustment evaluation to identify specific dysfunctions. Next, he performs precise adjustments tailored to address these issues. Immediately after the adjustment, he conducts a post-evaluation to confirm that the joint alignment and function have been restored.

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