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Shoulder Pain

Woman with shoulder painWhether you’re a tennis player, baseball pitcher, or someone who performs repetitive tasks as part of a physically demanding job, you may experience shoulder problems. Even sleeping in an awkward position can cause issues with this ball and socket joint.

Addressing More Than the Shoulder

Many times shoulder issues present as neck pain. So Dr. McKelvey delves into the problem deeper and finds that not only is there some issue in the neck muscles, but there’s a problem with the shoulder joint itself. That’s why he addresses both. He also often finds that postural issues are present (e.g. due to sitting hunched over a workstation for hours), which need to be addressed.

The Role of Testing

At our practice, we never guess about our patients’ health. Dr. McKelvey performs appropriate testing to see where the problems originate, allowing him to make an accurate diagnosis. Specifically, we use tests that are not traditionally done by an orthopedist. These assessments help us to pinpoint exactly what the problem is.

“We get to take it to another level with how we assess the joint for muscle recruitment that occurs if there is misalignment. That’s not generally being explored at an orthopedist or physical therapist’s office. Instead, they just look for strength, not the recruitment and the inhibition we’re checking for with our testing,” said Dr. McKelvey.

Helping Athletes Stay in the Game

It’s no surprise that shoulder problems sideline many athletes. Trained in sports chiropractic, Dr. McKelvey has had great success helping athletes, including pros and even olympic athletes, recover from their shoulder injuries and return to play.

Considerable stress is often placed on athletes’ shoulders and there are opportunities to create an overuse syndrome caused by misalignment of the joint. “Because you’re actually over-developing certain muscles, you can create misalignment, which we can address through the rehab our patients perform following an adjustment.,” said Dr. McKelvey.

That rehab provides us with an assessment of the strength of muscles. We can use certain exercises to help rebalance and get those muscles back into the appropriate ratios to stabilize the joint in the proper alignment that we achieved through adjusting.

Regular chiropractic care, especially extremity adjusting, can keep your joints in top form so that shoulder injuries are less likely. But if you injure your shoulder or other extremity, chiropractic can also help you with your recovery.

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